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How Often to Replace Dust Collector Filters

Ensure Better Air Quality & Productivity 

If you are wondering when or how often to replace your dust collector air filters there are a few things to consider. When dust accumulates on your filter, airflow and efficiency are reduced. By regularly changing your air filters you can ensure better air quality in your facility, productivity of staff and machinery.

Needs Vary Based on Application & Facility

The needs of every plant vary when it comes to your air filtration system and how often filters need to be changed. Air filters on a dust collector should be checked on a regular basis. When you monitor the condition of the dust collector filter over time you can predict the typical lifespan of filters in your plant.

It's Probably Time to Replace Your Filter

If you have visibly noticeable particles in the air, it is probably time to replace your filter. However, we do not suggest relying on this as the only way to gauge the condition of your air filters. AirMax has the following recommended guidelines to help you determine when you should replace your dust collector air filter.

When to Replace Dust Collector Filter Guidelines:

  • Check your dust collector filter condition regularly.

  • The first indication of filter condition is the pressure differential gauge. When the gauge reads higher than 6”, the filters need to be replaced. Results vary depending on application.

  • If the pressure rises above 6” there may be a drop in air flow.

  • Trust your senses. If there are noticeable dust particles in the air, the filters may be clogged and may need to be replaced.

If you have any questions about selecting the right filter or when to replace your air filters contact us here or call 216-433-7171.

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