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  • AirMax AMC66400 MAC Baghouse Cage
    AMC66400 MAC Baghouse Cage
  • AirMax AMC48040 Donaldson Torit RF10 Oval Baghouse Cage
    AMC48040 Donaldson Torit Baghouse Cage
  • AirMax AMC40400 MAC MCF10 Baghouse Cage
     AMC40400 Baghouse Cage
  • AirMax AMC60120 MAC MCF12 Baghouse Cage
    AMC60120 MAC Baghouse Cage

Are you searching for a dust collector cage to support your filter bag? Look no further, as AirMax provides a wide range of baghouse cages that will fit your company’s needs. Learn more about why baghouse filter cages are essential in your work environment, and what kinds of dust collector cage products we offer for your operations.

Baghouse Cages from AirMax

Our baghouse cages contribute to the critical process of filtering out harmful dust and particles from the air so your business can have better air quality. The cage works as a support to keep the bags open so the air filter can continue to do its job of filtering out particles.

When buying a new baghouse cage, it’s essential to know the exact kind you need so the dust collector filter will work correctly. There are many items to consider such as the coating, size, and brand. We offer various types of coatings such as:

  • Carbon steel
  • Galvanized
  • Epoxy
  • Stainless steel

We also provide multiple top options depending on which baghouse filter bag you have:

  • Split collar
  • Split ring
  • Turn down flange with or without venturi
  • Top and bottom load

In addition to offering different materials and sizes of cages, AirMax takes pride in supplying an expansive variety of cages for brands such as Torit, MAC, AAF, Seneca, Wheelabrator, and many others!

If you’re unsure which baghouse filter cage will be the best fit, AirMax is here to help you. Request a quote to learn more today. 

Why It’s Important to Invest in Dust Collector Cages

Having clean air should be a top priority when considering your business’s and employees’ needs. Our dust collector filter products ensure that you and your employees have better air quality, no matter what industry you work in.

There are also many regulated standards for air quality in varied industries, and it’s critical to stay up to date with these expectations. Whether you’re looking for a bag house filter cage or other products, AirMax is an industry leader that will guide you toward the best filters and parts that you need.

Reach Out for Baghouse Filter Cages

If you’re searching for a dust collector cage or other air filter products, contact us to discover what would work best for your company.