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Not Sure What Filter or Part You Need?

Whatever filter or part you need for your dust collector, our industrial dust collector filter distributor team will be sure to provide options.

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About AirMax

A division of AMI Group, AirMax is part of a group of companies in the industrial machinery and equipment industry. Its parent company, AM Industrial Group, created the AirMax division as the need for after-market replacement filters became increasingly important. AirMax is now thriving – selling and shipping filters to keep our customers’ dust collectors running efficiently and effectively. Select AirMax as your industrial dust collector filter supplier of choice.

AirMax Is Your Go-To Dust Collector Filter Cartridge Distributor

AirMax Filters is an industrial dust collector filter supplier located in Cleveland, Ohio. We carry a variety of products that are designed to improve air quality and productivity in your workspace.

Air filter replacement recommendations vary depending on your facility and application, but chances are if you haven’t checked your filters in a while, it could be time for them to be replaced. The right time to change them is before a filter gets too clogged. Clogged filters often mean that the line or process has to be shut down. As dust collector filter cartridge distributors, we can provide filters that are customized, specially sized, or ready to be used in a tough application.

When to Replace Your Dust Collector Filter

Some businesses forget to monitor and replace their air filters as often as they should. This can lead to a number of issues in your facility – the most prominent being a reduction in air quality and lowered safety for your crew.

Our dust collector filters are equipped with a pressure differential gauge. When the pressure differential gauge reads 6” or above, the filters need to be replaced. (This can vary slightly depending on application). Generally speaking, though, if the pressure rises above 6” this indicates a drop in airflow. Additionally, if you’ve reached a point where you can visibly see particles in the air, it is likely time to replace your filters.

Regularly replacing your air filters contributes to an overall cleaner and more efficient workspace and can ensure better air quality in your facility, benefitting production.

AirMax Filters is an industrial dust collector filter distributor that carries a wide array of products crafted to help you improve the air quality of your workspace. If you have questions about improving air flow in your building or choosing the right product for your space or applications, contact one of our professional customer service representatives today.

AirMax Products

AirMax Filters is an industrial dust collector filter distributor that carries diverse brands and products that contribute to overall cleaner, higher-quality air for warehouses, industrial spaces, and other workplaces. The benefits of changing your air filters regularly go beyond safety and efficiency. They can also extend the lifetime of your equipment and workspace.

At AirMax, we have an extensive inventory in stock that is made in the U.S.A and ready to ship same day. Some of our products include:

Higher volume orders can typically qualify for exclusive savings. Call us today at 216-716-8200 to learn more about how to stretch your dollar while selecting the correct filter for your dust collector.

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Customer Testimonials

  • They helped find the right filter and best filter media for our clients application. On top of that, they had a shorter lead time than the OEM.
    ~ Mark from IL
  • I have had great customer service… were able to assist me in getting the proper filter for a unit that I had never ordered replacements for.
    ~ Tana from SC
  • …helped me with flters for my dust collector and gave better pricing than your competitor
    ~ Cameron from RI