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Collection: Boss Fire Suppression Products

No Return Valve Combo/Metal

Installing a No Return Valve Combo/Metal will protect workers and facilities from the damaging effect of a baghouse or filter explosion. The No Return Valve Combo/Metal is designed for use with High Speed Abort Gates, Fire Break Shutters, Raptor Spark Detection & Extinguishing Systems, and Energy Management Systems.


  • ATEX Certified; NFPA 69 Compliant
  • Heavy Duty Welded Steel Construction
  • Epoxy Powder Coated Safety Red Finish
  • Flanged Inlet and Outlet with Co-Flanges
  • Grounding Lugs
  • Locking Mechanism

Heavy Duty Barometric Damper EB-BDHD

The EcoBOSS® Heavy Duty Barometric Damper is designed to automatically bleed in air to avoid fan instability and maintain suitable conveying velocities in duct lines.


  • Heavy duty galvanized steel construction
  • Heavy duty adjustable counterweight with safety chain
  • Removable inspection door
  • Sizes 6″ through 18″: 90º flared ends for use with optional quick connection clamps and adaptors
  • Sizes 20″ and larger: Flanged ends with co-flanges

Fire Protection Equipment

The Raptor Spark® Detection and Extinguishing System is an FM Approved safety device that is designed to detect and extinguish sparks and glowing embers that are traveling through a duct system. The hazard is detected by infrared sensors and extinguished with water spray nozzles within milliseconds of detection. The Raptor Spark® detection unit module has the capacity to receive hazard alert signals from multiple components (Dust Probes & Thermal Probes) and monitor multiple duct-zones and vessels. The Raptor Spark® Detection and Extinguishing System is an essential Fire Protection, Fire Isolation and Diversion device that is commonly installed with Raptor Gate™ High Speed Abort Gates, FireBreak Shutters, VIGILEX Explosion Vents and explosion certified VDL Rotary Valves. Typical automatic functions include hazard detection, system shut-down, isolation/abort, and extinguish and/or suppression.