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Benefits of a Complete Dust Collector Filter Change Out

Author: Lisa Frank

Dust collectors require regular maintenance, including checking the status of your filters. Filters that are clogged and left unchecked could lead to poor performance of your collector, higher energy costs due to being overworked, and unscheduled downtime. Filters are the key to the overall performance of your dust collection system with the goal of a long filter life.

Money-Saving Misconception

It is a misconception to think that changing a single filter, or just a few filters at a time will save money. During a regularly scheduled filter inspection you may find a damaged filter, and the quick-fix would be to replace just the damaged one. In an attempt to be economical, that single filter replacement will be cheaper up front, but could throw off the entire performance of your dust collection system as the air flow will take the path of least resistance!

A partial filter change is not ideal due to the fact that the resistance across your filters will not be uniform during operation. When you replace a single filter, that filter will have less resistance than the dirty filters and will experience an increase in airflow causing immediate depth-loading and reduced filter life. When the single replacement filter has a reduction of filter life, it causes a domino effect, impacting the filter life in all the remaining filters.

At AirMax, we recommend changing all your filters at the same time versus only changing a single filter, or a few at a time. A full change-out will;

  • Allow for a uniform pressure drop across the surface of all the filters
  • Equal the amount of air volume
  • Control filter velocity through all filters
  • Lower the pressure drop - saving compressed air
  • Minimize depth loading
  • Extend the filter life of all filters
  • Ensure other damaged filters are found & replaced
  • Save money in the long run/changeout costs
  • Lower downtime and maintenance costs

A full filter change-out will ultimately save you money and time. AirMax offers an extensive inventory of premium cartridge dust collector filters to fit most brands including Donaldson Torit, A.C.T. Dust Collectors, Clean Air America, Dust Hog, Camfil Farr, Robovent and more.

AirMax Premium Filters are manufactured to the highest quality specifications.  Our buying power and volume discounts bring savings to you. We can provide filters that are custom, specially sized, or are used in a tough application.

Contact us today for assistance in selecting the correct filter for your dust collector.

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