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Change Your Filters Before Cold Weather

Author: Lisa Frank

Colder weather outside forces shop doors to close. By reducing the indoor air flow, your dust collector is  forced to work harder to reduce the dust particles in the air. When your industrial dust collector works harder, your filters must work harder as well.

November is the ideal time to check your dust collector and the filters to be certain they are up to the task in the winter months. Here are some steps to take to protect your filters during colder months.

  1. Filter Check
    • Check your filters before it gets too cold. Your employees will be able to spend more time on their inspection when they aren’t dealing with below freezing temps, ice or snow.
  2. Visually inspect filters for tears, holes, and if they are full of accumulated dust
    • Filters with tears or holes in them will not properly hold dust particulates. Filters with tears and holes in them will not collect dust, and therefore will allow bypass of particles into the clean air plenum.
    • Filters with an increasing differential pressure will reduce the airflow and efficiency of your dust collector.
  3. Check your differential pressure gauge
    • If your gauge reads higher than 6”, this indicates you will need to replace your filters. Please contact us to request a quote.
  4. Check your pulse valve cleaning system if your dust collector is located outside
    • Making certain that the pulse compressed air lines are clear of any moisture and condensation will ensure that they don’t freeze in the colder temperatures. When air lines freeze, your pulse cleaning system will fail. With a failing pulse cleaning system, excess dust will stay on your filters, restricting airflow and clogging the filters quickly.
    • AirMax carries dust collector parts, including solenoid heater kits that can be fitted to your dust collector.

Filters that are not performing correctly lower the air quality in your facility and create more strain on your dust collector. Proper filter and dust collector maintenance will ensure longer filter life, and reduce wear and tear on your dust collection system.

AirMax provides a premium selection of cartridge filters for multiple dust collection systems, including Farr, Donaldson Torit, and Dust Hog. And, with a variety of filter sizes in stock at our facility, we ship most orders the same day! 

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