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Collection: Dust Collector Control Systems

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The control panel is a very important part of the greater dust collector system. It houses the electronic components necessary for operating and monitoring the system to ensure the productivity and efficiency of the equipment.

Dust collector control systems feature buttons, indicators, and a touchscreen for users to configure and adjust settings according to their preferences and the needs of the machine. Learn more about our systems below.

Using Dust Collector Controls

Control systems work to optimize the performance of dust collectors by monitoring key parameters and allowing users to adjust them accordingly. Plus, it automates the process, so instead of keeping track of everything yourself, the machine can initiate cleaning cycles when pressure differentials exceed a certain threshold.

When choosing a control panel for your application, it’s important to consider the size and type of your dust collector, the specific requirements of your application, budget constraints, and the level of automation needed.

Use our dust collector control systems to monitor your blowers and dust collectors and get insights about what adjustments should be made. Our dust collector control systems allow you to adjust the following:

  • Online cleaning
  • Offline cleaning
  • Lights
  • Blowers and their cleaning time
  • Pulse rate
  • And more

Once you have a control system in place, it will be important to maintain it. This means checking sensor calibration, inspecting wires and connections, and performing software updates. It’s also important to understand the safety features of your machine. Be sure to familiarize yourself with any safety tools and train your team on where these features are to promote safe operation across your facility.

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