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Baghouse Cages from AirMax

At AirMax Filters, one of the divisions of AM Industrial Group, we have an extensive inventory of premium industrial baghouse cages available for clients. Continue reading to learn how our baghouse cages can best improve your facility.

About Our Industrial Baghouse Cages

AirMax can provide a wide range of baghouse cages for different applications, with many types of coatings such as carbon steel, galvanized, epoxy or stainless-steel construction. With various top options including split collar, split ring, turn-down flange with or without venturi, as well as top and bottom load, AirMax takes pride in offering an expansive variety of cages for brands such as Torit, MAC, AAF, Seneca, Wheelabrator and many others!

When purchasing your baghouse cages, it’s important to also consider that maybe it’s time to change out the filter as well. The benefits of changing your filter make it worth the time and energy. Allowing filters to get clogged and hold more dust and dirt than they should over time makes parts work harder, which can lead to other issues. The cost to fix these issues can quickly escalate to become a large repair bill. Without a doubt, switching out your filters helps your system stay in proper working order so that it can deliver the reliable functionality you need.

Some of the key reasons for changing out filters includes:

  • Keeping the air in your industrial facility clear
  • Ensuring a safe working environment for employees and visitors
  • Providing an atmosphere where work can proceed efficiently
  • Removing dust so other equipment can run well

Why Choose AirMax for Baghouse Cages

AirMax Filters is your destination for quality dust collector cages. We’re dedicated to supplying baghouse cages that perform optimally, and we ship them quickly so you’ll be up and running in no time. Additional benefits of choosing AirMax as your destination for dust collector cages includes our extensive catalog of products. We are sure to have all the products you are looking for through our well-stocked inventory.

More AirMax Products Available

Here at AirMax, along with supplying our baghouse cages, we carry a range of products in diverse brands that contribute to cleaner, higher-quality air for warehouses, industrial spaces, and other workplaces.

Beyond baghouse cages, additional AirMax products include:

As mentioned above, we stock diverse brands, which include:

To learn more about our dust collector cages at AirMax. We want to help you find the right products for your facility today, so feel free to reach out if you have questions. Submit an inquiry through our  contact form to get started.

When should I replace the dust filter on my dust collector?

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