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  • AirMax AMX302 Premium Bag Filter
    AMX302 Bag Filter
  • AirMax AMX3016 Premium Bag Filter
    AMX3016 Premium Bag Filter
  • AirMax AMX315 Premium Bag Filter - Fits DCE Dalamatic
    AMX315 Bag Filter
  • AirMax AMX3007 Premium Bag Filter
    AMX3007 Bag Filter
  • AirMax AMX3004 Premium Bag Filter
    AMX323 Premium Bag Filter
  • AirMax AMX3055 Premium Bag Filter - Fits Torit 255FTD
    AMX3055 Bag Filter
  • AirMax AMX3055N Aramid High Temperature Premium Bag Filter
    AMX3055N Bag Filter
  • AirMax AMX3103 Premium Bag Filter
    AMX3103 Premium Bag Filter
  • AirMax AMX374 Raw Edge Premium Bag Filter
    AMX374 Bag Filter
  • AirMax AMX377 Premium Bag Filter - Fits MAC MCF, Scientific/Mikro-Pul
    AMX377 Premium Bag Filter
  • AirMax AMX323 Premium Bag Filter
    AMX323 Premium Bag Filter
  • AirMax AMX3152 Premium Bag Filter
    AMX3152 Premium Bag Filter
  • AirMax AMX3139 Premium Bag Filter - Fits Torit RF
    AMX3139 Premium Bag Filter
  • AirMax AMX305 Premium Bag Filter - Fits Torit RF
     AMX305 Premium Bag Filter
  • AirMax AMX3028 Premium Bag Filter - Fits Mac MCF
    AMX3028 Premium Bag Filter
  • AirMax AMX3020 Premium Bag Filter - Fits Torit RF
    AMX3020 Premium Bag Filter
  • AirMax AMX3015 Premium Bag Filter
    AMX3015 Premium Bag Filter
  • AirMax AMX3034 Premium Bag Filter - Fits Torit MBT-8
    AMX3034 Bag Filter
  • AirMax AMX3023 Premium Bag Filter
  • AirMax AMX3071 Premium Bag Filter
  • AirMax AMX3082 Premium Bag Filter
  • AirMax AMX3145 Premium Bag Filter
  • AirMax AMX376 Raw Edge Premium Bag Filter

At AirMax, one of the divisions of AM Industrial Group, we have an extensive inventory of premium industrial bag filters available for clients. Read on below to learn how our industrial air bag filters can best benefit your facility and increase the proficiency of your machinery!

Industrial Bag Filters from AirMax

Investing in new industrial air bag filters can make a huge difference in the overall cleanliness of your facility and positively impact your workplace. Industrial bag filters work to:

  • Maintain clean air and eliminate toxins
  • Contribute to a safe working space
  • Provide employees a productive space in which to work efficiently
  • Enhance the performance of equipment for smooth operation
bag filters

At AirMax, our industrial air bag filters are very durable and pliant, and offer top-notch release properties for dust and other particles. Typically, industrial bag filters have longer service lives between replacements and can take

the pressure of a demanding application with much slower decay.

Our bag filter products vary in size, being offered in 8, 10, 12, and 13 inches.

Shop Our Industrial Bag Filters Inventory

We have a wide array of industrial air bag filters, making us a convenient one-stop shop for finding the right filter you need. Some of the industrial bag filters we currently have in stock include:

Benefits of Using Industrial Bag Filters from AirMax

  • Helps control wear and tear on industrial machinery
  • Ease of filter change
  • Increased overall machine proficiency

More AirMax Products and Filters Available

Here at AirMax, we carry a range of brands and products that contribute to cleaner, higher-quality air for warehouses, industrial spaces, and other workplaces. As mentioned above, the benefits of changing your filters regularly go beyond safety and efficiency, as doing so can also extend the lifetime of your equipment and workspace.

We have an extensive inventory currently in stock that is made in the U.S.A. and ready to ship same day. Along with supplying industrial bag filters, we also carry similar products such as baghouse cages and pleated bag filters!

Additional AirMax products include:

The AirMax filter brands we supply include:

Contact Us for Industrial Bag Filters Today!

AirMax is your go-to Cleveland-based supplier and distributor of industrial air bag filters. We want to help you find the right air filtration products for your facility today, so feel free to reach out.

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