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Collection: Industrial Dust Collector Blowers

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  • AirMax AMX775 30,000 cfm 75HP Blower
  • AirMax AMX750 20,000 cfm 50HP Blower
  • AirMax AMX740 12,000 CMF 40 HP Industrial Blower
  • AirMax AMX730 10,000 cfm 30HP Blower
  • AirMax AMX720 8,000 cfm 20HP Blower
  • AirMax AMX715 6,000 cfm 15HP Blower
    AMX715 6,000 cfm 15HP Blower
  • AirMax AMX710 4,000 cfm 10HP Blower
    AMX710 4,000 cfm 10HP Blower
  • AirMax AMX707 3,000 cfm 7.5HP Blower
    AMX707 3,000 cfm 7.5HP Blower
  • AirMax AMX705 2,000 cfm 5HP Blower
    AMX705 2,000 cfm 5HP Blower
  • AirMax AMP71001 ZZ3M Eurus Rotary Lobe Blower
    AMP71001 Rotary Lobe Blower

Defining Industrial Dust Blowers: A Quick Guide

Industrial dust collector blowers are pieces of equipment that improve the airflow of an area by removing pollutants, contaminants, dust, and other materials, leading to a safer and healthier workspace. Within a sealed housing, the motor, impeller, and airfoils work in conjunction to produce higher pressure than a fan, hence their use in industrial settings.

There are actually different forms of industrial dust blowers, including axial, multi-stage centrifugal, centrifugal, and positive displacement, with classification being determined in part based on the direction of the airflow. Read on to discover the industrial dust collector blower options AirMax can provide.

Our Industrial Dust Collector Blowers Are In Stock in Our Cleveland, OH Warehouse for Quick Shipment

Download the Drawing of Inlet and Outlet Blower Dimensions

Diverse Industrial Dust Blowers for Your Operations

AirMax Filters specializes in industrial filters and assorted parts to ensure that our customers can find exactly what they are searching for. Our product line includes a variety of industrial dust collector blowers, which we offer in a range of types and styles.

Features of our industrial dust blowers include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Motors of variable horsepower, from 5HP to 75HP
  • Direct drive backward inclined fans for dust collectors
  • Precision balanced units that offer premier efficiency
  • Suitability for relatively clean airstreams
  • Units that are crafted for direct mount and to draw air through the baghouse or cartridge-type collector
    industrial blowers

Best yet, these industrial dust collector blowers are in stock and ready to ship, so no matter what you’re looking for when it comes to your equipment, AirMax is ready to provide!

Be sure to fill out this form for a simple checklist to keep track of your dust collector maintenance tasks!

Industrial Dust Blowers to Meet Your Needs

The industrial blowers we offer are supplied in the following varieties:

Contact Us for Industrial Dust Collector Blowers

If you’re looking for industrial dust blowers and other air filter equipment for your operations, be sure to reach out to our dedicated team. We’re standing by to answer any questions and to give you assistance.