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About Our High-Quality Timer Boards

At AirMax Filters, we supply durable and long-lasting air filtration products to promote cleaner and safer spaces for both your equipment and employees. This includes our dust collector timer boards that can be used to further manage your dust cartridge filters, bag filters, and more.

These dust collector controllers are ideal for both industrial and commercial settings to remove unwanted particles or possible pollutants from your space. These timer boards can also be used to control when your filter operates, as well as the speed at which it does so, making it easier than ever to clean and maintain your systems. 

Benefits of Our Dust Collector Timer Boards

There are numerous benefits to utilizing AirMax’s timer boards to regulate your dust cartridges. Some of these include: 

  • Promoting clean and clear air within your warehouse or facility
  • Eliminating contaminants to help your equipment run more efficiently without frequent maintenance
  • Time-on and time-off settings from two potentiometers to increase or decrease airflow
  • Providing continuous or regulated cleaning for pulse jet systems and powered receivers

On top of that, our timer boards are suitable for a variety of industries, such as industrial processing, automotive, construction, machining, and beyond.

For additional information, check out our individual product pages, or contact our team directly to learn how our dust collector controllers can accommodate your specific application needs.

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