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Twin City Fan and Blower by AirMax – AMX730 10,000 cfm 30HP Blower

Twin City Fan and Blower by AirMax – AMX730 10,000 cfm 30HP Blower

Twin City Fan and Blower by AirMax – AMX730 10,000 cfm 30HP Blower
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Premium 10,000 cfm Blowers from AirMax Filters

Looking for an effective solution to keep your facility clean and clear of contaminants? The airflow provided by one of our 10,000 cfm industrial blowers is the right choice.

Our blowers offer major benefits for workplaces, such as:

  • Increased safety – Blowers can clear away dust, debris, and various particles from the air to ensure a healthier working environment
  • Meeting compliance regulations – Air quality and emissions are regulated in various ways, and using a 10,000 cfm blower is an effective way to ensure your facility is up to code
  • Reduced maintenance – Machinery that accumulates dust and other particles tends to experience problems over time, something that can be avoided with a consistent airflow
  • Enhanced quality – Contaminants can damage the effectiveness of any products you supply, so having good air quality can go a long way toward keeping your customers happy

Features of Our 10,000 cfm Industrial Blowers

Our 10,000 cfm AirMax AMX730 blowers feature the following attributes:

  • 30HP motor
  • 10,000 cubic feet per minute airflow volume
  • Direct drive backward inclined fans for dust collectors
  • Premium efficiency with precision balancing
  • Suitable for relatively clean AirstreAMP
  • Designed to direct mount and draw air through baghouse or cartridge type collector
  • Dimensions/weight: 51” L x 45” W x 50” H / 915 lb
  • Optional silencer

Best yet, our 10,000 cfm 30HP blowers are in stock and available immediately.

Additionally, you can view our blower drawing along with our inlet and outlet blower dimension drawing.

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