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Baghouse vs. Cartridge Dust Collectors

Author: Lisa Frank

It is widely known that cartridge-type dust collectors are the go-to way to collect dust. While there are many applications very well-suited to cartridge-type filtration, there are also applications that are better suited for a baghouse dust collector. But which one is better for your specific application?

Benefits & Applications of Baghouse Filter Dust Collectors

Baghouse filter dust collectors are particularly useful in some of the most challenging applications. The fabric bag filter is durable, flexible, and offers excellent release properties on a variety of particles and dust. Fabric bag filters typically have longer service life between replacement and can take the punishment of a demanding application with much slower deterioration.

When faced with a heavy dust loading application, a baghouse dust collector is an excellent choice. For example, for woodworking applications (which produce fibrous dust) and grain dust, bag-type filters handle the high volume of dust that is common without clogging between pleats in a cartridge filter.

Another major difference in baghouse dust collectors are the amount of filters within the unit. AirMax stocks a variety of bag filters and can fulfill orders within a matter of days, no matter the quantity. 

Benefits & Applications of Cartridge Filter Dust Collectors

Cartridge-type dust collectors are the industry standard in dust collection, as there are many types and configurations available. With quick, easy filter changes and low overall footprint, cartridge dust collectors are great for general purpose air filtration. Offering easy maintenance and quick cartridge filter changes, they are the preferred choice for welding, laser, plasma, and other fume/smoke applications.

Cartridge filters vary in media material and square foot of media within each cartridge, and can also vary on shape (round vs. oval). AirMax carries an extensive inventory of premium cartridge dust collector filters for most of the top cartridge collector brands; making us a convenient place for finding the brand you need. 

AirMax is your destination for quality industrial cartridge filters. We strive to make it convenient to obtain a filter that performs optimally and ships quickly. Contact us today!

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