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Top 3 Benefits to Changing Filters

Author: Lisa Frank

Published: | Updated:

While changing the filters on a dust collector may seem like an annoying maintenance task, the benefits make it worth the time and energy.  Some of the main purposes of a dust collector are to:

  • Keep the air in an industrial facility clear
  • Help to ensure a safe working environment
  • Provide an atmosphere where employees can work efficiently
  • Remove dust so other equipment can run proficiently

How can a dust collector serve its purpose if it is unmaintained and the filters are clogged with dirt and debris? This is where it is important to understand the benefits of changing the dust collector filters to help a system achieve the main purposes it was installed for.

The Benefits

Efficiency & Effectiveness

Like most things, a dust collector performs at its ultimate efficiency and effectiveness when it is well maintained. When using new dust collector filters, the air can be sucked through the filters with less force because the dust and debris is not clogging the media. Because less force is required, the blower does not work as hard allowing the dust collector to run very smoothly and cost effectively.  On the flip side, as soon as the filter are reaching capacity it becomes more difficult for the blower to suck the air through the filters. In turn, the overall cost of running the dust collector increases. While changing filters does come with a cost, it is a small price to pay to keep the dust collection system running at a more cost-effective rate and more efficiently!

Controlling Wear & Tear

After a dust collector runs for a few years it does start to show wear and tear. However, there are things you can do to help control how worn out the dust collector gets. Allowing the filters to get clogged and hold more dust and dirt than they should, makes the dust collector work harder causing other problems to occur. If the fan or blower has to work harder to move the air, the wear and tear can quickly reflect in the bearings, motor and blades. The cost to fix these can quickly equate to a large repair bill. New dust collector filters won’t prevent these problems altogether but they will definitely help to prolong the life of the system.

Ease of Filter Changes

The actual process of installing replacement dust collector filters is much tidier and simpler if the filters are not “over clogged”. Changing the filters before they get to this point helps shorten the down time and ensures that the system is back up and running quickly. If you choose the correct filters and change the filters at the correct time, the filter changing process is easy.

So what’s the next step?

Now that you know the advantages of changing filters in a dust collector, you're probably wondering how often to replace dust collector filters. This varies for different dust collection systems.

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