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Buying Dust Collector Filters – Which Supplier Should I Buy From?

Author: Lisa Frank

Not all industrial dust collector filters are created equal, and neither are the suppliers of those filters. It is a good idea to research who and where your filters are coming from. In this blog, we will discuss the different characteristics of filter suppliers and what that means for you when it’s time to buy filters.

When you conduct an online search for replacement filters you are likely to find many supplier types ranging from web brokers and third-party suppliers to big industrial supply houses. The following is a quick reference guide to help out.

  1. Web Brokers & Industrial Supply Houses; these third-party suppliers such as Motion Industries, McMaster Carr, and Grainger ship from other companies’ warehouses. Unfortunately, they do not have total control of the order’s shipping, delivery and after sales support. When they receive an order, they must buy the filter from a supplier and are dependent on someone else’s schedule. They usually do not offer returns on incorrect products.


  1. Original Equipment Manufacturers: Donaldson Torit, UAS, AAF, Camfil Farr, Robovent and others stock and supply filters from their own warehouses for the equipment they manufacture. The advantage of a stocking program provides certainty to customers. The disadvantage is that these companies command a significantly higher price per filter.


  1. AirMax Filters & Parts; we deliver the best of both worlds - our focus is on providing your company with the right filters for the right price. AirMax offers and stocks a warehouse full of filter options. We have an extensive inventory of premium cartridge dust collector filters, industrial blowersparts, repair kits and accessories. Our filters fit most brands including Donaldson Torit, A.C.T. Dust Collectors, Clean Air America, Wheelabrator, Camfil Farr, Robovent and more. Having a consistent and large variety of stock on hand makes the purchasing process easy and convenient.

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