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Top 4 Reasons to Change Filters in the Summer

Author: Lisa Frank

Standard filter changes happen every 12 months or less depending on your application. Having clean filters helps your dust collector run at peak performance.

We have outlined a few reasons why the summer months of June and July are the optimal time for scheduled maintenance on your dust collection systems.

  1. Warm Weather

Dust collectors are typically located outside the building. Changing filters during the winter months may mean dealing with snow, freezing temperatures or ice buildup, and can prove to be difficult especially when production is in full swing. The summer months provide warmer temperatures and more ideal weather conditions for performing maintenance on your dust collector.

  1. Save Energy Cost

Changing your filters regularly keeps system pressure lower and saves on energy costs related to air pressure. By changing your filters in the summer, you are preparing for the colder months when the facility doors stay shut. Clean filters in your dust collector will pulse less frequently and will use less compressed air. Clean dust collector filters also lead to less dust buildup around your shop, dust particles in the air and less dust clogging your HVAC vents/ducts.

  1. Semi-Annual Shutdowns

Some companies have regular shutdowns for maintenance on long weekends – this is an ideal time to replace the filters as it will not affect production down time.

  1. Stay in Shape

During a filter change out, routine maintenance can be key to the performance of your dust collector. Nicer summer temperatures allow your staff to be outside at the collector longer checking items like filter door gaskets, compressed air lines, diaphragms, and solenoids to keep your filter pulsing system working properly.

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