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Common Ways You May Be Damaging Your Dust Collector Filters

Author: Lisa Frank

Dust collector filter maintenance will keep your dust collection system running properly. The majority of cartridge dust collector filters are made up of a blended cellulose/ polyester (80/20) paper media.

Below are some common ways you may be damaging you dust collector filters without knowing it: 

  1. Cleaning: Most filters are advertised as “cleanable” but it’s important to note that cleanable is different from washable. Cleanable refers to the ability to pulse clean in the dust collection system either while running or while offline.  
  1. Compressed Air PSI: Standard operating procedure on pulse cleaning systems for Cartridge and Bag style dust collectors requires 90-100 PSI to ensure the most effective cleaning.  
  1. Compressed Air Quality: Make sure your compressed air supply to the dust collector is oil free and moisture free to ensure the most effective cleaning. Oily or wet pulse cleaning air will in some cases reduce filter life by blinding the media.  
  1. Moisture in the dirty air stream: Filters run in applications with moisture will often filter to fail prematurely. Most filters are made from paper based media. At AirMax we offer some alternative filters that are SPUNBOND and are better suited to applications where moisture cannot be removed from the air stream. 

Handle them like glass: Understanding that cartridge filters are light and can be easily damaged is especially important. Filters can dent, puncture and get damaged easily if they are handled roughly before install. Remember to handle them with care. 

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