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How Do I Select a Bag for a Baghouse Dust Collector?

Author: Lisa Frank

Baghouse dust collectors are the go-to system when your application deals with heavy dust loading particulate such as wood dust, grain, fiberglass cutting, or sticky materials. The filter media in a baghouse is different from standard dust collector cartridge filters so they are able to handle such heavy particulate.

Filter bag performance is directly related to how well it can tolerate the application. How efficiently it can remove the dust particles from its fabric and its ability to be cleaned by the dust collector is also important.

How do you select the right bag for a baghouse dust collector? First, identify the type of filter media currently used in your baghouse. Then, ask the following questions:

  1. Is your baghouse doing the job?
  2. How often do you change your filters?
  3. Is there a better material/media for better baghouse collector function and longer filter life?

If you are satisfied with the current functionality of your collector and the timing of your filter change-out, but it is time for a filter change-out, browse our bag filters and request a quick quote. AirMax stocks a variety of filter bags guaranteed to fit your unit, no matter what brand baghouse you have.

If you are not satisfied with the current functionality of your baghouse collector, investing in new industrial bag filters can make a drastic difference in the cleanliness of your facility. Determining what type of filter media and size of bag filter is key.

To figure out the right filter media for your baghouse, you will want to consider some important factors that relate to the dust and process your system is running in:

  1. What media type are you running now & is it working well?
  2. What type of dust is it?  Ex. mineral, ash etc.
  3. Is the air stream over 150 degrees?
  4. Is the dust / air moist?
  5. Does your current media have a coating on it when installed new?

Bag size and the construction of bag are directly related to the fit of your filters within your baghouse collector. If you have a stock unit, the filter bag sizes often range between five- or ten-foot lengths, but other lengths are available. Bag filters can have a snap band top, raw edge top, loop top or O-ring top.

Knowing the style of cleaning process within your baghouse is the final stage of determining your replacement filter bags. The different cleaning processes determine the configuration of the top and bottom construction of your bags. The most common processes are pulse-jet style, shaker style, or reverse air style.

At AirMax, our industrial air bag filters are very durable and pliant and offer top-notch release properties for dust and other particles. Typically, industrial bag filters have longer service lives between replacements, and can take the pressure of a demanding application with much slower decay.  We are committed to providing replacement filter solutions with stellar customer support and prompt delivery.


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