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Collection: Powder Coating

Collection: Powder Coating

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Powder Coating Filters from AirMax

Since powder coating involves adding dry powder to a surface and then curing it with heat, the fine powder particles can become airborne and cause health risks if not controlled properly. Typically, cartridge filters are used to capture these particles and prevent them from being released into the air.

Learn about powder coating filters and how AirMax Filters can provide them for you in our post.

About Powder Coating Filters

Filters for powder coating are designed to capture and collect particles suspended in the air that are generated during powder coating applications. They capture particles of a variety of sizes, even very small ones. The filtration efficiency will depend on factors like the material and design of the filter bags, airflow velocity, the characteristics of the powder being used, and the amount of maintenance conducted, so be sure to keep that in mind while selecting units.

Maintenance of your filters for powder coating includes inspection for damage or wear, replacement of worn-out filter bags, general cleaning, and disposal of captured particles. This will help maintain consistent airflow and prevent filter clogging, facilitating greater filtration efficiency.

Benefits of Using a Powder Booth Filter in Your Facility

powder coating filters

Beyond air quality improvement, using powder booth filters in your facility offers the following benefits:

  • Compliance with regulations, especially in cases where strict guidelines are in place governing air quality and emissions
  • Protection of your equipment by capturing particulate matter before it can enter and damage it
  • Ease of maintenance, as routine tasks can be performed without extensive downtime
  • Versatility, since filters for powder coating are available in a variety of sizes, configurations, and filtration efficiency levels

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