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What is 80/20 Blended Media?

Author: Lisa Frank

Many of AirMax's cartridge filters use 80/20 blended media. Have you ever wondered what exactly 80/20 blended media is? We've compiled some information to help you:

  • The 80/20 refers to the percentages of the materials that are used in the filter. There is 80% cellulose, and 20% polyester material in this type of filter media.
  • Blended media offers high efficiency, durability and performance compared with filters that are made with 100% cellulose.
  • With the addition of the polyester material to the cellulose, enhanced filter life is achieved for applications that require a sturdier and more humidity resistant material.
  • 80/20 blended media allows filters to maintain low airflow restriction in operating conditions with higher humidity. This results in lower energy requirements which then leads to lower operating and replacement costs.
  • These filters offer high resistance to abrasion and have a high capacity for holding dust so they are great for blasting applications.
  • AirMax's 80/20 blended media filters will be a cost-effective solution!

Feel free to contact us for more information about why you might want to consider 80/20 blended media filters for your application.

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