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If you are seeking ways to keep your facility clean, start with the air. Changing air cartridge filters can promote a clean and safe environment.

At AirMax, a division of AM Industrial Group, we have an extensive inventory of premium cartridge dust collector filters. Read on to learn how our dust collector filters can best benefit your facility!

What Are Air Cartridge Filters?

Air cartridge filters, also known as dust collector filters and industrial cartridge filters, are cylindrical filtration components kept inside a housing that are used to remove contaminants, dust, chemicals, and other undesired particles from the air in a workspace.

To ensure a clean and safe facility, it is vital to monitor and then replace industrial dust collector cartridge filters at the appropriate times. It’s recommended to change your air cartridge filters when the pressure differential gauge on your filter reads 6” or above. A pressure above 6” indicates a drop in airflow, which can lead to more polluted facility air, along with health and safety issues.

Reasons to Change Your Dust Collector Filters

Dust collectors may not always be on your radar, but they make a big difference in the overall sanitation of your facility. The filters are ultimately what work to maintain clean air, rejuvenating your space. Once the filter gets full, changing it will restore the air, making for an overall better environment for your employees.

Benefits of using dust collector filters include:

  • Sustaining clear facility air
  • Contributing to a safe working environment
  • Providing a productive space for employees to work efficiently
  • Enhancing the performance of equipment for smooth operation

Industrial Cartridge Filter Lifespan

Depending on your environment, the time between filter replacements will vary. For this reason, we recommend checking your air cartridge filters on a regular basis. After regular monitoring, you will be able to gauge the approximate lifespan.

If you are just starting your air filter journey, we developed a few guidelines that indicate when you should consider a replacement. The first indication that it is time for a change would be when the pressure differential gauge reads higher than 6”. If the pressure is above this, there may be a drop in the airflow.

cartridge filters

However, it is important that you trust your senses as well. Seeing noticeable dust particles in the air might mean that your filter is clogged and needs to be replaced. While there are signs that suggest it is time to get a replacement filter, be sure to trust your instincts to optimize your facility’s productivity.

Fill out this form for a checklist to extend the life of your cartridge filter with timely maintenance! 

Shop Our Air Cartridge Filter Inventory

At AirMax, we have an inventory of a wide array of dust collector filters, making us a convenient place for finding the brand you need. We currently have the following brands in stock:


Benefits of Choosing AirMax

AirMax is your destination for quality industrial cartridge filters. We strive to make it convenient to obtain a filter that performs optimally and ships quickly. Additional benefits of choosing AirMax as your destination for filters include:

  • Extensive inventory – With a large inventory that is always well-stocked, we are sure to have the product you are looking for. For this reason, we also have the ability to ship your dust collector the same day it is ordered. Together, this supplies convenience and reduces facility downtime.
  • Dedicated team – At AirMax, we’re industry experts and we’ve done it all and seen it all. If you have questions about products, applications, or anything else, our team is standing by to help you in any way that we can.

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AirMax makes maintenance easy. When it comes time to replace your filters, be sure to shop the wide selection we offer for your convenience. 

If you have any additional questions on how to replace your industrial dust collector cartridge filters, be sure to reach out today!