AirMax AMX544 Premium Cartridge Filter

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Part Number: AMX544

AirMax AMX544 Premium Cartridge Filter, 12.75 x 30", open/closed filter, 80/20 blended media, fire retardant

This filter is available in other media types besides standard 80/20 blended media.  Request quote for:

  • 80/20FR
  • Nanofiber
  • Nanofiber FR

Works with Filter-1 Benchtron Model Dust Collectors: BFS-3-2-3, BFS-4-3-3, BFS-5-4-3, BFS-6-4-3, BFS-7-5-3, BFS-8-6-5, BFS-10-7-5, BFS-12-8-5, BFD-4-6-5, BFD-5-6-5, BFD-6-6-5, BFD-7-8-7.5, BFD-8-8-7.5, BFD-8-10-7.5, BFD-8-12-7.5